The China High Resolution Emission Gridded Data (CHRED) provides past and present anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases and air pollutants of China on high resolution spatial grid. The CHRED has been built up for China bottom-uply based on point emission sources and other supporting data. The current version is CHRED 2.0. The 10 km gridded dataset of CO2 emission in 2007 for China is now available for non-commercial purposes. Users can download the data after fill in the application documents and send it to us (




(1)   The goal of CHRED team is to provide high resolution emission data timely and accurate. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. However, we accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever with regard to the information on this data.



(2)   The CHRED emission data provided on this site are for non-commercial purposes. Without the prior written authorization of our team, no organization or individual shall use it for commercial use. Commercial organizations using CHRED emissions data are considered commercial use.



(3)   Users may not privately transfer CHRED data to a third party. CHRED reserve the right to pursue legal responsibilities for any violation.



(4)   Papers, research reports, products using CHRED data, need to add complete reference to CHRED data and declare acknowledgments.



The interpretation, modification and renewal of this agreement shall all belong to the CHRED team.



Terms of use

Suggested acknowledgment in publications, presentations, websites, etc.:

(1)     Wang, J., Cai, B., Zhang, L., Cao, D., Liu, L., Zhou, Y., Zhang, Z., Xue, W., 2014. High resolution carbon dioxide emission gridded data for China derived from point sources. Environmental science & technology 48, 7085-7093.

(2)     Cai, B., Zhang, L., 2014. Urban CO2 emissions in China: Spatial boundary and performance comparison. Energy Policy 66, 557-567.

Application documents

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