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周颖 蔡博峰 刘兰翠 曹东


Study on spatial distribution of CO2 emission from thermal power industry of China

ZHOU Ying,CAI Bofeng,LIU Lancui,CAO Dong

   Takeing data of energy consumption in the thermal power enterprises from general survey of pollution sources as the basis,and using the method provided from 《IPCC 2006 National Guideline of Detailed List for Greenhouse Gas》,the CO2 emission from thermal power enterprises based on sources in china has been accouted,the spatial distribution of thermal power enterprises numben,capacity of unit,kinds of energy utlization,and emission of CO2 etc.,being analysed,pointing out the insufficiency in the present accounting,the gap is greater due to the emission coefficient hasn't been localized,for this,recommendations for accounting and aontrol of CO2emission from thermal power enterprises in our country being put forward.